jeudi, juin 21, 2007

Fete de la musique : Lady Day #1

Aujourd'hui c'est la fête de la musique, un hommage à Billie Holiday.

Today it is the festival of the music, a homage to Billie Holiday.

Lou Reed "Lady Day"
(Chanson hommage à Billie Holiday.)
(Song homage to Billie Holiday.)

" When she walked on down the street
She was like a child staring at her feet
But when she passed the bar
And she heard the music play
She had to go in and sing
It had to be that way
She had to go in and sing
It had to be that way
And I said no, no, no
Oh, lady day
And I said no, no, no
Oh, lady day
After the applause had died down
And the people drifted away
She climbed down off the bar
And went out the door
To the hotel
That she called home
It had greenish walls
A bathroom in the hall
And I said no, no, no
Oh, lady day
And I said no, no, no
Oh, lady day"

* Galerie Photos.

22 commentaires:

isa a dit…

Those are the most amazing topiaries (hedge sculptures) I've ever seen!
The French are so damn creative ;-))). Bravo!

CaBaCuRl a dit…

Is fete de las musique something to do with the Soltice? They are trying to get this going in Sydney, for winter solitice.

Anonyme a dit…

They are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Coltrane_lives a dit…

Man, Billie Holiday! It's hard to top a jazz tribute to Lady Day. I'm jealous that I can't check it out in person. We have our own music festival in our city (Midwest USA)this week that my quartet is playing, but I'd trade that to be in France anyday for the Day! Enjoy. Sante!

Steve Buser a dit…

Neat stuff.

Lori a dit…

J'aime ces musiciens en vert - un beau hommage à Lady Day. Tes photos sont belles, comme d'habitude!

Nathalie H.D. a dit…

Absolument fabuleux les musiciens en habit vert! Bravo pour tes photos et merci pour la musique!

Profite bien de la fete de la musique. Tu seras dehors toute la nuit ?

Randy a dit…

What a fun tribute. Great color in your photographs. Have a good day.

Unknown a dit…

Wow these are amazing. Evry seems to celebrate well and often. This is wonderful :)

Peter a dit…

Incroyable! Quelle créativité!!

Tu penses que ces statues vont rester pour longtemps? Tu as bien fait de les "immortaliser"!

Oui, ce soir / cette nuit, tous dehors pour la fête!

kuanyin333 a dit…

Beautiful topiaries in tribute to Lady Day! It's also Summer Solstice!

pusa a dit…

wow this is so cool! a band of topiaries!

Cergie a dit…

J'aime beaucoup cette déco de parterre. C'est du provisoire ?
Dans les Vosges j'ai trouvé des troncs naturellement habillés de MOUSSE. C'était superbe comme tu peux en juger.

T'inquiète, il va faire beau. Bonne fête de la musique et rapporte nous de belles images de NUIT !
(GRRR... Jalouse d'avance, moi)

alice a dit…

Je te souhaite une bonne soirée, avec quelques heures d'avance! Et pour les plantes, j'essaie Billy Holday dès mon retour, je te tiens bien sûr au courant!

Lavenderlady a dit…

Oliver, you find the most wonderful music related things to share.

Beetle a dit…

What an AMAZING creation!

Unknown a dit…

wow... so cute!

do they play music like during the day, so that it looks even more real?

where's amedee? he has not been appearing in the photos recently. haha...

GiuCe a dit…

wow... very creative sculptures!!! wonderful, i'd like to be there ^^

have a nice day Olivier!

Anonyme a dit…

C'est assez étonnant, en plus çà sent la nature, et c'est bien fait

Jilly a dit…

What a great post. Fabulous topiary representing an amazing lady. Oh, lady day! J'adore Billie Holiday.

Fénix - Bostonscapes a dit…

What a incredible sight! First time I see topiaries like those. Incredible talent on the part of the designer.

Anonyme a dit…

Oh, I love those fanciful topiaries. How clever - a great tribute.