samedi, octobre 07, 2017

Festival Villes & Toiles - Sotha et Christine Dejoux


Festival Villes & Toiles ( - Rencontre avec la réalisatrice Sotha et l'actrice Christine Dejoux (avec projection du film de Sotha "Au long de rivière Fango") au Cine 220 de Bretigny.

Festival Cities & Canvases ( - Meeting with director Sotha and actress Christine Dejoux (with screening of Sotha film "Along the River Fango") at the Cine 220.

2 commentaires:

William Kendall a dit…

Wonderful captures.

Lowell a dit…

I have not seen your blog in some time. It's good to visit you again. And I've not heard of this movie but will check it out. Your portraits of the actors are beautiful, as are they! Merci!