samedi, février 17, 2007

Evry en Floride

Évry en Floride.
Le temps d'une carte postale, Évry DP se trouve transporté en Floride.
Merci à Peyton Manning (et les Colts) d'avoir écrasé (Facilement) les Chicago Bears.
Grâce à lui, j'ai gagne mon pari avec Isabella (DP de Naples) et j'ai reçu hier sa carte postale (l'en jeux de notre pari). Donc merci à Peyton, mais surtout à Isabella (bien que je sens une certaine moquerie avec le choix de cette carte ;o)) ).
Pour un jour, Évry DP déménage en Floride.

Évry in Florida.
The time of a postcard, Évry DP is transported into Florida.
Thank you in Peyton Manning (and Colts) to have crushed (Easily) Chicago Bears.
Thanks to him, I have win my bet with Isabella (DP of Naples) and I received the postcard yesterday (in plays of our bet). Thus thank you in Peyton, but especially in Isabella (although I feel a certain mockery with the choice of this chart ;o)) ).
For one day, Évry DP moves in Florida.

15 commentaires:

Jazzy a dit…

oh that is a lovely beach, but i don't mind snow at this time of year either.
have a nice weekend Olivier!

isa a dit…

Lol, Olivier!
Before your faithful visitors accuse me of cruelty in my choice of the postcard, in my defense I have to remind them how you mocked me and the Bears for losing the Super Bowl!!!!
We are now even ;-)))
Enjoy your day in Florida (we are at the beach today)!

Deb a dit…

I believe she mocked you again! Love the postcard, and your commentary is most amusing!

Deb a dit…
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photowannabe a dit…

Snow is pretty but I would rather be in the warmth of Florida. Cute card Oliver.

J. Andrew Lockhart a dit…

wish I was in Florida! :)

Annie a dit…

I think I might rather be in France than in Florida.

Anonyme a dit…

Love the postcards and your teasing of each other! Such a difference in the two places...

Anonyme a dit…

Ha -haa, but I am happy with snow and
looking at in snow playing children
and knowing, that hm - after three months also we can bee on beeches - perhaps. . .But it`s sure, that then
we can read on the beech all night long, because it`s light enough. you can see from today`s photo, what our summer nights are. the photo is taken
11.30 pm!
Good weekend to you with blooming mimosa trees!

Lavender Lady a dit…

Oh, my! You had me going. I say your comment on Isabella's site...and rushed right over to see where you were moving to. I'm glad it was just for the day.

Cergie a dit…

Salut l'ami !
Beau temps pour l'ascencion de l'everest, n'est ce pas, mais par la face sud, j'espére que tu emmènes de l'eau avec toi, ça va cogner et je voudrais pas que tu sois complétement déshydraté
Ah ! J'avais pas vu ! il y a un micro climat à Evry ! C'est vrai où avais je la tête ! Déjà l'autre fois, tu as eu des terribles bourrasques de neige sur la cathédrale et nous rien à Cergy !!!
Si tu es pris dans un blizzard, fais toi un igloo et appelles les secours !!!
J'espère que tu as un portable

Allez, bonne fin de samedi olivier

~tanty~ a dit…

Oh, what a lovely and cute postcard. Love the commentary too :)

Kate a dit…

Well, Isabella, I'm with you altho I like Tony Dungy very much--after all, he played for the U of MN! Thanks for posting the card, Olivier! (PS. I rooted for the Bears in a crowded room of Colts fans in Mazatlan, Mexico--go figure!!)

Chad Oneil Myers a dit…

I certainly know Florida is great ;)

alice a dit…

Je rentre de Paris à l'instant et je peux affirmer que le temps n'est pas à la neige, loin de là: 15°C annoncés pour demain! Encore un peu et Isabella ne pourra plus te taquiner!
I'm just come back from Paris and i can say the snow is not coming: 15°C forcasted tomorrow! A little more and Isabella will not be able to tease you, Olivier!