mardi, octobre 03, 2006

Calendrier Evry : Octobre 2006

Calendrier Evry : Octobre 2006
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Evry calendar: October 2006
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5 commentaires:

edwin s a dit…

wonderful Olivier! it's also very interesting that you placed the calender right under Carrefour! We have the stores here too!

Olivier a dit…

Malheureusement le logo carrefour se voit de presque partout sur les hauteurs d'Evry.
Et puis si Carrefour veut sponsorisé mon blog ;o)))

Kris a dit…

good idea to use the calender! I used to love shopping at carrefour *ahem* i think better than Tesco ;)

Daniele Marioli a dit…

In your blog ther are ever many things to see!
Very inyeresting!

Jing a dit…

Carrefour...I like shopping there too.
hee hee...interesting photo~